London Calling!

Daydream Network

Listen up! Tonight is the deadline for you music creatives out there to send your music into the guys at Daydream Network who will be promoting and playing your stuff at Cargo, London this Tuesday night. So if you have got material you want to get out there upload your track to yousendit or zshare and email the link to including your artist name, track name, contact number and email. They will be giving your tracks to the djs on the night: Patchwork Pirates, Session and Young & Positive to mix and promote new music.

Daydream Network

Avue and Hugo have been working on Daydream magazine for the past year or so and are now on the verge of releasing issue 3 and starting a tour of europe's major cities to promote Daydream. The magazine has been designed as an output for young and unknown creatives to get their work out into the public eye. Whether you write poetry, illustrate, or tag the streets at night, visit the site, download the template and get your work seen by the rest of the world.

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