Choice Cuts Friday 5

Oh Death

BLAMMA! BLAMMA! - Carry Me Home.mp3 (zshare)

Vukasin - I Feel.mp3 (zshare)
Vukasin Myspace

Heads We Dance - Love In The Digital Age (Tepr remix).mp3 (zshare)
Tepr Myspace

Estelle - Wait A Minute (Count Of Monte Cristal Remix).mp3 (zshare)
Count Of Monte Cristal Myspace

Klaxons - Atlantis To Interzone (Destroy Disco Remix).mp3 (zshare)
Destroy Disco Myspace

Moulinex - Break Chops (Xinobi's Pork Chops Remix).mp3 (zshare)
Xinobi Myspace

Prodigy - Charly (Skurk Charly Sez Jack Remix).mp3 (zshare)
Skurk Myspace

Herve - Cheap Thrills.mp3 (zshare)
Herve - Rocky Raver.mp3 (zshare)
Herve Myspace

Bird Peterson - Cupid Shuffle 9000.mp3 (zshare)
Bird Peterson Myspace

Digital Primate - I Ain't Wid It (Acid Jacks Remix).mp3 (zshare)
Acid Jacks Myspace

The Young Lovers - Low Down Grove (Dj Fame Remix).mp3 (zshare)
Dj Fame Myspace

Daggers - Magazine (Zombie Disco Squad Remix).mp3 (zshare)
Zombie Disco Squad Myspace

Party Shank - Penis VS. Vagina (Shank's Killer Mix).mp3 (zshare)
Party Shank Myspace

Damaged Goods - Are We Friends (Norrit's Pop Some Pills Remix).mp3 (zshare)
Norrit Myspace

Calvin Harris - Girls (Micky Slim's Bomb Squad Remix).mp3 (zshare)
Micky Slim Myspace

Juiceboxxxx - Sweat (Blanche DuBois Remix).mp3 (zshare)
Blanche DuBois Myspace

Roy Rogers - Happy Go Lucky.mp3 (zshare)
Roy Rogers - Graceland.mp3 (zshare)
Roy Rogers

DJ Neoteric - Moove BITCH!!.mp3 (zshare)
DJ Neoteric - Stardust vs Nirvana.mp3 (zshare)
DJ Neoteric Myspace


Neoteric said...

wooooo!!! great blog, thank you for posting the tracks