Introducing: DJ Neoteric


At 27, DJ Neoteric has already launched a record label and promotions company, while holding down a weekly residency, only missing that to head around Canada on a 14 date tour. As well as DJing alongside the likes of Raekwon (Wu Tang Clan), Devin the Dude, DJ Jam (Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre's DJ) and Kool Herc to name a few. Not to mention producing some fine mixtapes and remixes blending Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk & Soul, R&B, Baltimore Club, Electro, House, Disco, Pop, Rock, Baile Funk, Breaks, and "anything else that makes people dance".

How long have you been Djing?
11 years now I guess. Wow, it’s been that long?

You launched Futility Records back in 2000, was this a solo project or are you working with anyone else?
I started it by myself, with the intentions of working with others. It was nice to have a “label” to release my mixtapes under, but the first official release was actually a classic Canadian Hip Hop album from my homie Moves called ‘Hiss 2’. It was a compilation he produced and featured Buck 65, Sixtoo, Moka Only, and other Canadian rappers. As time went on Futility became an outlet for us to sell our music online, and later grew to carry close to 300 underground rap releases from around the world. That got tired after a while because the quality of the music fell; everyone could make their own album in their bedrooms and it wasn’t the same. So I shut down the store, but continued to release mixtapes, and albums from the crew. We had some distribution at that point that spread the CDs around the world which was cool. Then, in another moment of redefinition, Futility ceased to exist as a record label, and rebirthed as a local promotions company. Nowadays it’s just a glorified message board, but it’s still well known in the Canadian rap scene.

Do you have any residencies elsewhere or play regularly at any other events?
I play in Whistler, BC quite often (Every Friday, if not more). It’s a resort town that is wild during the Winter, and fun during the summer. Outside of that I rotate around Vancouver and area, and generally tour parts of Canada once a year. In October ‘07 I did 17 dates in Eastern Canada, which was a lot of fun. I’m working on starting a monthly party in Vancouver, so I’m excited about that. I’ve found I get sick of weeklies easily, plus I like to see other cities and countries whenever possible.

How long have you been producing?
By the loosest definition, for about 6 years I’d say, when I bought an Ensoniq ASR-X. I never really put time into it as I was trying to DJ, run a website, a record label, and hold down a day job. Over the past 2 years I’ve certainly attempted to catch up, and learn all the new programs and try to find the best way to translate my ideas into actions. I’ve got a few friends I’ve been able to work with and learn from which has been a great inspiration.

Do you produce original material as well as remix other artists' tracks?
Not really at this point, but it’s certainly a goal of mine. The remixes are much easier haha. I certainly hope one to one day make something remix worthy.

Are there any bands or acts that you draw any inspiration from?
Well, one of my biggest inspirations is my boy U-Tern. I’m amazed at what he can do, and look forward to everything he puts out. DJ wise I’m inspired by those that are really hustin. With Serato, and Blog search engines it’s become really easy for everyone to be a DJ, to have the same songs, and make the same kinda mixes. I appreciate the DJs putting in work, playing new or different tunes, and making their own edits and remixes. I’m always looking forward to hearing new tracks from Mat the Alien, Tittsworth, Diplo, Smalltown DJs, Dava Nada, Krames, Scottie B, A-Trak, Cousin Cole, Emynd, and many others I’m forgetting right now..

What are your plans for 2008?
Travel! I’m going to be hitting the Ski towns of Western Canada again this year in March. Then Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal in May. After that, I’m hoping to hit California and Las Vegas and anywhere else in the US. I just want to get out to cities I’ve never visited and meet like minded people. I’m also going to try to drop a new mix at least every 2 months. I’ll be doing one for the In-Deed show in XFM which I’m excited about. And of course, working on new edits and remixes!

What was the best part of 2007?
I felt like there were a lot of highlights this year. For one, getting on the level with artists and DJs I looked up to was pretty cool. It was also a great year for my night in Whistler. The crowd gets crazy, and everyone I book always has a blast and wants to come back. On top of that I think it was my busiest year ever, so that’s a good thing.

What will be your new years resolution?
To procrastinate less. To cook more at home. To simplify my life, and focus more on what means the most to me. And of course to TEAR THE FUCKIN CLUB UP!


Heres his recent mixtape he made for Discobelle:

01. King Polo - Acid Shack
02. VNDLSM - Every Woman (1nder Edit)
03. Dead Prez - Warzone (Ass in the Club Remix)
04. Mat The Alien - Digitalism Who Looka Here
05. U-Tern - Kiss This
06. Wax Romeo - Synthy Disco
07. Kid Cudi - Day and Night (Jokers of the Scene Extended Remix)
08. Krames - Fuck Them Bitches
09. Sleazy V - On Your Knees
10. High Powered Boys ft Ludacris - Hoes Get Down (DJ Amen Re-edit)
11. K7 & Sammy Bananas - Come Baby Come
12. Smalltown DJs - Smack a Badman
13. DJ Spen presents Jasper Street Company - Solid Ground (Doo Dew Solid Mix)
14. DJ Technics - Lets Go
15. DJ Phinesse - Crazy Hype
16. Kazey - Play Me Sexy
17. Say Wut - Some Action
18. KW Griff - Yall Aint Safe
19. JCW - Get Shot
20. Chubby Fingers - Droppin Pianos
21. Scott Matelic - Grapevine
22. Van Morrison - Gloooria (Murge Refix)
22. MSTRKRFT - She’s Good For Business
23. Lady Tigra - Bass on the Bottom (Justin Kase Edddit)
24. Cousin Cole - Gyrate Remix
25. Nate Dogg - All the Girls Get Up (Mr. Andersonic Remix)
26. DJ Tanner - Pop Lock and Bang It
27. The Knish Hit Squad - Your Body
28. Len - Hot Rod Monster Jam
29. Fast Eddie & Funky J - Big Ol Booty
30. U-Tern - Look At That Booty
31. Busy P - Chop Suey
32. Kilo - America Has a Problem
33. Andre Nickatina - Ayo for Yayo
34. Eddie Murphy - Party All the Time (Klever Remix)
35. Debbie Harry - Rush Rush (Neoteric & Matty C rough Edit)
36. DJ Sega - Bodies Hit the Floor (Hollertronix)
37. Knowself - Why I’m Like This

DJ Neoteric - Discobelle Mix.mp3 zshare

Also check out his brilliant Gone 'Til Nov Mixtape:

DJ Neoteric - Gone 'Til Nov Mix.mp3 zshare

Check out these bonus bootlegs:

DJ Neoteric - Nirvana vs Stardust.mp3 zshare
Ludacris – Move Bitch (DJ Neoteric Remix).mp3 zshare

Check out his website for more mixtapes, tracklistings and edits:

DJ Neoteric Myspace
DJ Neoteric Website


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