Justice Live...


As they walk out from behind the stacked 'mock' marshal speakers (transformed into a stage set light show) to their mixing desk the crowd is almost as deafening as what's to come. They open with 'Genesis' and as the bass kicks in, the now legendary white cross is illuminated. The entire dancefloor at the Astoria is jumping. Their sound is in every way as huge as their stage set.

For the next hour Justice put the crowd through its paces; switching tempo, building up and dropping the majority of their album '†' with the odd Simian sample and jaw dropping 80's rock guitar riff of which I can't put a name to. Ironically they didn't drop 'Valentine' with it being the 14th and all, but that didn't stop the crowd beckoning for more.

After an encore with Soulwax's remix of Phantom Pt.2 they come out again and drop their remix of Soulwax's 'NY Excuse' and yet another storming guitar riff. I've seen these guys DJ before and that was good, but seeing them live is something else. I strongly advise catching them at some point of their current world tour.

Soulwax - NY Excuse (Justice Remix).mp3 (zshare)

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