Introducing: Tuff Wheelz

Hailing from the south of France, Leroy Washington and Sevenfive have become somewhat regulars on Oh-Death, and rightfully so. These guys have been spreading their infectious sound that provokes you to tap your foot, nod your head or just get the hell up and dance in the form of original tracks, remixes and jackin' mixtapes for almost a decade now. And last year they decided to rename their collaborative project to the aptly suited Tuff Wheelz.

So how long have you been Djing?
Leroy Washington - I've been djing since 10 years.
Sevenfive - I produce music since 10 years now and I started djing
about 7 years ago.

How did you two meet and why did you decide on becoming Tuff Wheelz rather than Leroy Sevenfive?
Leroy Washington - We meet at the Love parade !
Sevenfive - Ah ah, not really! I know Leroy for a long time as an influent DJ here in Bordeaux, we have common friends, we did several parties together but we really started to speak about making music together only last year. I already produce my music as Sevenfive, which sounds a bit different than Tuff Wheelz.
Leroy Washington - It was clearer for us to choose another name for this project.

Where did your DJ name come from?
Leroy Washington - We like bicycles, mainly BMX and fixed gear bikes.
Sevenfive - I had a modest career in BMX racing when I was younger and Leroy was also a true BMX fan and rider. We like old school bikes like Haro, Hutch or Skyway.
Leroy Washington - And Skyway made these incredible colored plastic wheels called Tuff Wheels. That's the reason of our name.

Can you name a record that first sparked your interest in dance music?
Leroy Washington - For me: French Kiss by Lil' Louis
Sevenfive - Maybe "Tour de france" by kraftwerk - and it's not a joke ! - when I first heard it when I was a kid. Later, Inner city - Big fun for sure.

Do you have any residencies or events you organise or play regularly?
Leroy Washington - With Kazey from Paris , I'm the resident of the "Let Me Bang " parties at the 4sans, a famous dance club in Bordeaux. We played with people like Dj Funk, Curtis Vodka, Surkin and more.
Sevenfive - As Tuff Wheelz, not really. But next month we'll start our Keep on Pumpin' parties. Monthlies ones I hope.

When did you first begin making music?
Leroy Washington - I started as a drum'n'bass dj about 10 years ago now.
Sevenfive - Since 10 years now for me too. We're not so young !

Do you prefer to remix other artists tracks or produce original material?
Sevenfive - Both are fun. Remixing is a cool thing. You start with something, get the spirit of the track but trying to put your own "touch". Producing original tracks is very greatfull. Working with Leroy is fun because we first listen to music, old and new, drinking and smoking, then we switch on the synthesizers and computers, playing with the sounds and the loops ...
Leroy Washington - And we found something that match to our different influences.

Who would you most like to work with on a track and why?
Sevenfive - Too much people! Andrew Weatherall or Timbaland as producers of course ! But they're a little bit expensive for us :) Apparat, Deadmau5, A-track, Siriusmo, ...
Leroy Washington - For me, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Diamond D.
Sevenfive - Ah, and also two guys, Thomas and Guy Man, because they're cool ...

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time?
Sevenfive - At the Miami winter conference, having a drink with Armand Van Helden near the pool. Definitely.
Leroy Washington - Humm.....I don't know.

What was your highlight of 2007?
Sevenfive - The Daft Punk's pyramid.
Leroy Washington - My 1989 's nike air pressure

What are your plans for 2008?
Sevenfive - Making tracks that people like to hear, to play, to dance. meeting cool people, travelling, be signed on a label.

Tuff Wheelz - KEEP ON PUMPIN'.mp3 (zshare)
2.Daft Punk – Digital Love (Red Foxx's Bmore surprise mix)
3.Timbaland – Give It To Me (Sta remix)
4.Juvelen – They Don't Love You (Sevenfive remix)
5.Deejay Punk-Roc – My Beatbox
6.Inner City – Big fun (Simian Mobile Disco remix)
7.The Shoes – Knock Out (Tuff Wheelz remix)
8.Siriusmo – Allthegirls (Tomboy remix)
9.Cheek – Venus (Dj Gregory radio edit)
10.Paul Johnson vs Surkin – Hot (Nicolas Vallee remix)
11.Tuff Wheelz – Your House Is Mine
12.Impulsion – Rock That House Musiq
13.Thomas Bangalter – Out Run
14.The Juan MacLean – Happy House
15.Dj Deon – B-free
16.Purple Crush – Fuck The Dj (Tuff Wheelz remix)
17.Jackson – My Kind Of ... (Chicago)
18.Strip Steve – Ready Steady (Tuff Wheelz remix)
19.Swayzak – Smile And Receive (Apparat remix)

Bonus beats:
Tuff Wheelz - Your House Is Mine.mp3 (zshare)
Tuff Wheelz - Let It Spin.mp3 (zshare)

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