Reading Festival

So, last night the headliners were announced for this years Reading and Leeds festivals. Not really much of a surprise, although it's strange to see Metallica headline again just 5 years after they last played there. Never the less, it looks pretty awesome so far.

This year is also their 20/10 anniversary, 20 years of Reading Festival and 10 years of Leeds. I would have thought they'd add some more quality acts to the existing lineup to celebrate it. Stay posted.

I've been involved with designing the merchandise for the previous two events so, I should hopefully be working on it again this year. I'm currently updating my portfolio of tee's and stuff I've designed for bands over the past two years so I'll drop you a link soon for the update.

Reading Festival Website


kamagra said...

All those bands in one single place?? wow it must have been one hell of a show.