Wearing My £24.3 Million Rolex

I work just next to the Finsbury Leisure Centre, off Old Street and a couple of weeks back as I passed the football pitches after work there were some girls standing around with foxes heads on. It seemed a little strange until I noticed the film crew standing with them. I figured it must have been some music video or maybe a new advert for Foxy Bingo. Then today randomly, I found the video above for 'Wearing My Rolex' by Wiley and it all made sense (Well the reason for why some hot girls were dressed as foxes, the video is completely beyond me?).

Anyway, I ended up at this video after finding the 'Wearing My Rolex - the McCartney & Mills Video Remix' version over here. A version I much prefer.

Wiley Myspace


like the flu said...

Sick effin song yo

check out this blog, some similar stuff on there