My Heads All A Mashup

Well, what a weekend, well Thursday to be precise, its just taken me this long to recover. Massive thanks to The Arcs Of Triumph boys and everyone I met in Dublin, I had an awesome time. Hopefully be back later in the year to do it all again.

This week I'm heading to Newbury for another mashup, this time with Dj Ritzi (See flyer). Expect some kind of back to back 2 Many Dj's style 4 deck chaos. I'm also waiting to hear back about the last night of the Skins tour which hits Birmingham on Thursday. Stay tuned. I played the London show a couple of weeks back and went back to back with the Freelance Hellraiser which was awesome and the kids went nuts!

Ok, it may be a little late but, to kick the week off heres a mix I got from Ry who I met in Dublin.

Ry - Mixtape.mp3 (mediafire)
1. Daft Punk - Prime Time of Your Life
2. Teenage Badgirl - Hands of a Stranger (Yuksek Remix)
3. Dirty Secrets - Five feet of Snow (Miami Horror Remix)
4. Alex Metric - In Your Machine (Original)#
5. Daft Punk - Techologic (Original)
6. Sam Sparro - Black & Gold (Phones as Hard as Diamonds Radio Edit)
7. Electrixx - Backstage Bitch (Miles Dyson Remix)
8. Chris Montana Presents Bora Bora - Chick Porto Hustle
9.Vandalism - That Oh! Sound (Sebastian Ingrosso/Boys Noize Short Edit)
10. Justice - Phantom II (Boys Noize Turbine Mix)
11. Seductions - Fetish (Electrixx Remix)
12. Fischerspooner - Danse en France (D.I.M. Remix)
13. Vandalism - Killin it Patchy/Bart B. Moore Switch Prydz (DJ edit)
14. Electrixx - Rock & Roll (Original)
15. DJ Missil - Glitch (Tepr Remix)
16. The Presets - My People (Original)
17. The Presets - My People (D.I.M. Mix)
18. Louis La Roche - Get Down
19. Supermen Lovers - Starlight (Radio Edit)

Next up is a couple of treats I got from Lars Moston last week but haven't got around to posting yet.

Huoratron - $$ Troopers (Lars Moston & Duncan Whiteley Remix).mp3 (mediafire)
Raveonettes - Dead Sound (Lars Moston & Duncan Whiteley Remix).mp3 (mediafire)

Also this week I'm working on designs for the Hear Nu Evil crew's new record. Hear Nu Evil is Nu Money and my man Jim Sharp who has dropped this little gem for me to share with you guys.

DSK - What Would We Do (Jim Sharp's Rolex Refix).mp3 (mediafire)