Death Before Disco

Death Before Disco

Well the Isle Of Wight festival was pretty damn good this weekend. After a forcast of rain and showers last week it turned out to be a beautiful weekend and I've come back with a pickled liver and skin the shade of lobster. That'll learn me.

I'm now on the road to recovery and along with a set tomorrow night I'll be looking forward to joining The Real Heat, Jim Sharp, Deadly Rhythm, Famous Eno & 2 Northern Scumbags for Death Before Disco at Plan B this Saturday.

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Jeff Luppino-Esposito said...

Cool blog and great music!
Quick question though, if you don't mind-- I see you're using mediafire for a lot of your mp3's and I found you through; how did you manage to get them to track those files? The combo of mediafire's free hosting paired with aggregate is deadly and I'd love to find a way to combine the two myself.