Death to Bambi

I'm not really one to follow closely on the lives of celebrities but Lily Allen was at the Glamour Awards last night, wearing this dress with a decapitated Bambi print on it.
Due to the fact that I've just released a T-shirt with a similar concept I thought I'd look into who made it and found out that its actually a piece from Giles Deacon's spring summer 2008 collection. I'm not sure what his idea was for the design but there's some speculation it was inspired by the Sex Pistols' 'Who Killed Bambi?'. Truth to that speculation remains to be seen.

My idea behind the Bambi print I made recently was inspired by my general boredom of today's cartoons and animations including those of Disney's. I personally feel that the most creative animations in terms of story ideas and animation processes happened up until the mid 1980's. These days its all Pixar, Dreamworks, computer animations and I preferred it back in the time when each frame was carefully drawn by hand with real skill, not that of a machine making it for you. Of course there is skill involved with today's animation and some of it isn't that bad but, like I said, maybe I'm too old to appreciate cartoons anymore?

Still my favorite animation sketch of all time:

Walt Disney's Skeleton Dance


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