Introducing: George O'Connor

I got this mixtape through the mail from George O'Connor also known in the LA party circuit as Panty Dropper. Originally intended for an official release, the mixtape has hit various legal issues with the said tracks. Shame really as it's quite an awesome mix but, hey he's passed it on for me to share so dig in and get your daily fidgit/ jackin' electro dose while reading my interview with him.

So how long have you been Djing?
I came up on my first Technic's 1200 in 1994. For the other deck I used my moms home stereo turntable, which had one of those automatic tone arms and no pitch control, and my boy had a radio shack mixer. We made do with what he had available. So we were into booty house or what was called deep house back then as well as a lot of the Chicago stuff in general. And it was heaven on earth growing up in LA during that time. We had so many record stores. Beat non-stop.. dmc records.. just to name a few so it was only natural that I wanted to contribute in my own way to this culture I grew up around.

How did the Panty Dropper alias come about?
The origin of Panty Dropper is real simple.. I wanted a name that could be marketable. I'm envisioning.. baby t's.. booty shorts.. g-strings! haha. That’d definitely be nice.

Can you name a record that first sparked your interest in dance music?
The first track to get me was Stereo MCs - Connected. But my favourite tracks of all time are: 1. Steve 'Silk' Hurley - The Word Is Love & 2. DBX (Daniel Bell) - Phreak

Do you have any residencies or events you organise or play regularly?
I’ve held down a few residencies here in LA in the past but I’ve been concentrating heavily on some big one off's coming later 2008 with my partner Freddy Foxx and LAX Productions. I should note that I’ll be playing with Stupid Fresh coming up next month on the 27th.. I’m looking forward to partying with those guys!

Which is your favourite club night/venue to play and why?
I’m the worst with names but I remember the area.. Its along the Texas / Mexico border.. its in McAllen, Texas. Forget the fact that its usually 95+ degree weather there.. its all about the girls! Gorgeous, friendly big Texas personalities and they're no question that they're there to party.. Plus some rad chick actually asked me for my autograph. Easy win. Oh.. and best sound goes to Key Club in Hollywood with the Pure Filth system set up.

Are you a regular on the Powertools LA radio show or have any other regular radio slots?
The wonderful thing about that show is that they help local guys who are really deserving of getting their names out there. I keep in rotation and I've found I’m now more in a position where I like to keep an open ear for that next big talent.. help them get that break. I’m also a very big fan and contributor of hosted by the legendary Swedish Egil!

Do you remix other artists tracks or produce original material?
I’ve done both under Panty Dropper - but due to issues I’ve had to remove the tracks do some legal bullshit.. but that should be resolved soon and you can expect even more quality beats in the near future. I got Larry h parker on the case.

If you could collaborate with anyone on a track who would it be?
Switch. just to get schooled.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I’m lucky enough to have a good back up plan but the goal is just to make a living at something I enjoy. I currently happen to enjoy playing loud music in a city I’m not familiar with for people I don’t know. I love it man. its like I’m tweaking some knobs.. I look up and some random chick is smiling at me while shaking her ass.. then some dude throws his hand up and yells "fuck yeah!" incoherently. that’s where I want to be in 10 years.

What are your plans for 2008?
Would it be too much to ask to have a year like Deadmau5 did last year? I mean.. holy shit! when the fuck did he sleep? more like methmau5.. am I right? Haha. That guy is a pure genius. Ok.. back on topic. I had taken a short break but things are now in the works.. I’m playing with Doc Martin in a few weeks.. Wolfgang Gartner & Stupid Fresh is also coming up.. and my company LAX Productions has something MAJOR for 2009 in LA.. so most of my attention has been with that project. oh.. I’ve also worked heavily with the good folks at Prompt Digital please take the time to check them out. Other than that I hope to find a few new fans who dig what we're doing out here in LA with guys like Jon Pegnato, Dj Dan, Alternative Reality, LA Riots, Villians, After Midnight, etc.. it's an exciting time to be a fan of this music!

GeorgeOConnor - SPKrFKN Vol 5.mp3 (direct link)

Boys Noize - Lava Lava
Blaqstarr - Shake It To The Ground (Claude Von Stroke Remix)
Boys Noize - My Head (Para One Remix)
Jamelia - Something about You (Crookers Crunky Remix)
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Armand Van Helden Remix)
Brick N Lace - Never Never (Switch Remix)
Hatiras - Poppin Beats [Acapella]
Bassjackers - Juicy Lucy
Mighty Dub Katz - Magic Carpet Ride 07 (Claude Von Stroke Remix)
LBL, Angello, Ingrosso & Axwell - Get Dumb (Funk D Fuckin' Remix)
Star 69 - What The Fuck [Acapella]
Santiago & Bushido - For What (The Bulgarian Remix)
Alloy Mental - Alloy Mental (Boys Noize Remix)
Consistent - Got To Be
Blaze - My Beat [Acapella]
Santiago & Bushido - Head Trick
Klubbheads - Kickin' Hard [Acapella]
Stupid Fresh - Get The Fuck Up
Stupid Fresh - I Jus Wanna
Dj Falk - Busted (Miami Club Mix)
Ron Carroll - Walking Down The Street (Bart B More Jackin Down The Mix)
Mr Pher - Private Jet
Paolo Jackson ft Shena - Funkt (Calvertron & Will Bailey Remix)
Micky Slim - Hit The Club (Stupid Fresh Remix)
Dino Lenny - Coca Loca (Bart B More Remix)
Erick Morillo - Something About House Music [Acapella]
Danny Tenaglia - Music Is The Answer [Acapella]
Crookers - Knobbers
Heavy Feet - Sick Like That (Santiago & Bushido Remix)
Acid Jacks - Mookie
Elite Force - Used & Abused (Zordiac Cartel Mix #1)
Bart B More - So It Goes
Geoff K - Vodka & Sugarfree Redbull (Heavy Feet Remix)
Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Twocker Remix)
Kid Cudi - Day N Nite (Crookers Remix)
AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Crookers Remix)
Rocca - Party Boppa (Mowgli Remix)
Jacob London - The First Chapter
Dj Dan - Bangin On Ya System (Twocker Remix)
Pete Tong & Dave Spoon - Gas Face (Lee Mortimer Remix)
Destroy Disco - Fly Or Bounce (Bart B More Remix)
Elite Force - No Turning Back (Mowgli & Solo Mix)
Electric Soulside - Kinky Girl (Adam Bozzetto Remix)
Hatiras & MC Flipside - Get Blahsted
Oh Snap! - Im Too Fat To Be A Hipster (Mightyfools Remix)
Consistent - French Fried
RQM - Miss Pacman (Oliver $ Remix)
Robosonic - Kaputt In Hollywood (Deadset 'Say Action' Remix)
Robert Livesu & Dj Eako - Hold Your Head Up High (Kelevra Remix)
Zodiac Cartel - Devils Music
Proxy - Dance In Dark
Justice - We Are Your Friends [Acapella]

Bonus Beats:
Jon Pegnato - Shush Theme (Panty Dropper Remix).mp3 (removed by request)
Felipe Avelar Ft Olie - Electric Boogaloo (Panty Dropper Radiotron Mix).mp3 (removed by request)
Mark Almaria - Freak Em Slow (Panty Dropper Freak A Leek Mix).mp3 (removed by request)

Panty Dropper Myspace
George O'Connor Website


Jose said...

Panty Dropper was originally Alternative Reality (All Production & DJ) & George O'connor (DJ). Some information left out...All tracks produced by Alternative Reality, not George O'connor!

Christian Planes said...

All production was done by Alternative Reality Not George O Connor, WTF. And this site is giving out music thats not suppose to be given. I see legal action coming.

George O'Connor said...

hey cp we've always been cool. dont threaten anyone with bs legal threats. ar knows whats up. we sat in front of a lawyer and the lawyer suggested a partnership agreement. i told the lawyer that i trusted "my boy".

it happens man. lesson learned.

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