New Modular Tee's


Fresh tee's from the cool kids of Modular. Also, check out Ladyhawke's new online arcade game.

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"Ladyhawke aka Pip Brown is the Kiwi born, Aussie bred, now London residing artiste who stitches pure modern electro pop with the vintage disco elements of a bygone era. Her fancy footloose music is quickly taking the world by storm, first she recorded with Peaches, then she performed three times in two days at the world's biggest festival - Glastonbury, now the aero-temptress is doing what even Madonnna hasn't achieved - her very own video arcade game! Okay, so maybe it isn't as graphically as advanced as the new Grand Theft Auto, but it's much more interesting - in all it's 8-bit glory. Get this; you (as Ladyhawke) fly through the air, like some sort of superwoman, while giant magical cats shoot fire balls out of their mouths at you, and you fight back with your totally dangerous bullets! Sounds like every nerd's wet dream, doesn't it?"

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