Get Off The Beach

The Presets are currently prepping for shows in Munich and Berlin later this week followed by rounding up some European festival shows before they jet to the states to further indulge the world's ear's and mind into the sound of Apocalypso. During this time Kim has managed to pull together a tracklisting for a mixtape to "get you off the beach", as it were. Heres what they had to say on their myspace:

"The Presets' Kim Moyes conjures images of white-sand beaches on the face of the moon and slow motion circus rides on their new mixtape, entitled G E T O F F T H E B E A C H.
It's one loopy, tripped out summer vacation you wish you were on, veering from the bendy early synth work of Raymond Scott to the politico-funk of Public Enemy to the twisted techno of Aphex Twin and Compuphonic & Kolombo with a polite dash of Sepultura thrown in for good measure, G E T O F F T H E B E A C H feels fabulous at midday and sublime at midnight."

The Presets - G E T O F F T H E B E A C H Mixtape.mp3
1.Roy Buchanan - A Fly By Night - Atlantic +
2.Hanadensha - Acoustic Mothership - Circle Sunshine Records
3.Public Enemy - Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
4.Von Südenfed - Dear Dead Friends
5.Sparks - Beat The Clock
6.African Suite - In The Pocket
7.Jamie Anderson & Jesse Rose - Jack Your Body (Body Jackin')
8.Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (End Roll Version)
9.Toecutter - Terror Australis
10.Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots
11.Raymond Scott - Cindy Electronium
12.Ambivalent - R U Ok
13.Compuphonic & Kolombo - Passing Light
14.Tomita - Snowflakes Are Dancing - Children's corner , N°4
15.Chromatics - In The City
16.Pantha du Prince - Saturn Strobe
17.The Presets - Anywhere (Compuphonic & Kolombo Remix)
18.Cornelius - Scum
19.Jim O'Rourke - Something Big

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