Little Bit

The angelic voice of Lykke Li seems to get more beautiful the more I listen to it, this remix by Swedish dj/producer/remixer Klumpfisk is no exception. Unlike some of the other remixes out there he's kept the vocal as the center piece and built around it, preserving this awesome voice. Here's what accompanied the remix in my mailbox:

"To those of you who appreciate genuine handcraft in these times of mass-produced nonsense, Klumpfisk presents yet another trip to the shores of the Baltic Sea. Made from small amounts of matter, but from larger amounts of time, before you lies a beautiful example of what a pop song of 2008 could or could not be. If this doesn't make you shiver, either your brain or your nerves may be damaged."

Lykke Li - Little Bit (Klumpfisk Remix).mp3 (mediafire)

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