Thankyou Reading!

Pic: BBC

Well I think I've pretty much recovered from a brilliant weekend at Reading Festival although I'm still tired and am a couple braincells short of a brainwave. This explains why I have a hazy memory of various bands and I don't remember much apart from being very drunk.

Seasick Steve was cool, Crystal Castles were intense, Digitalism were wicked, Metallica were loud, Justice were quiet, there were quite a few people wearing Joker and Barack Obama t-shirts, the food was crap and over priced and car's were set alight... all in all an awesome weekend.

As usual the other stages were just too small for some bands. MGMT, Pendulum and Gallows amoung others completely packed out their sets. Even the giant screens and patheticly quiet speakers outside the BBC tent couldn't compensate. The main stage even struggled to broadcast The Queens Of The Stoneage without the wind affecting the sound. But that didn't stop Rage Against The Machine and Metallica with their awesome pyrotechnic enhanced performance stealing the show.

Ah well, complaints aside I consider myself lucky for at least getting in. Since arriving into Reading station on Thursday was like walking into refugee camp as loads of people had been stung by those dodgy ticket websites promising tickets on the weekend. The touts were doing their best to take advantage of the situation with tickets exchanging hands for up to £550. Fuckers. Anyway, heres to an awesome weekend looking forward to the same next year. I'm off to go stalk Alice Glass.