Sek One

Heres a fresh new mixtape from Sek One of Toronto's Curb Crawlers for your midweek listening. It's time to start warming up for the weekend kids. The party starts here. Enjoy.

Sek One - September Mixtape.mp3 (direct)
DZ - Drop Top
Sharkslayer - Fleshlighter
The Proxy - Raven
Crookers and Boy 8-Bit - The Crow
Jokers Of The Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys (JOTS RMX)
JakZ - Hurt Me (Lee Mortimer RMX)
Idiot Proof - The Deacon (Oliver Dollar Dub)
DZ and RedEyz - Asian Cuddle Puddle
Lee Mortimer - Putto
Blackfinger - Up Middle Finger (DZ RMX)
AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats RMX)
Jaymo - Grind
Denim Venom - Ass Kiss (Math Head RMX)
Curses! - Moss Man
DZ - Disco Nodz
Scott Cooper and Edu k - Boom
Gella - Chi Kaa Chi Coo (Scott Cooper RMX)
Bit Crushers - What She Said
Boy 8-Bit - Wolfen
Mujava - Township Funk (L-Vis 1990 Kwaito Dub)

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Curb Crawlers Myspace
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OllieakaSize13 said...

Well, when my speed is unshaped, i'll check this mix and all the others. Stumbled across this through the DJ Neoteric interview. Dope blog, another one to be checking on the regular.