Potty Mouth vs. Snap Crackle Pop

Snap Crackle & Pop

This Friday there's a jam packed night of talent being gathered at Egg, London as the boys from Snap, Crackle & Pop present the Potty Mouth Music tour. The night features the UK debut of Potty Mouth signing Santiago & Bushido with support from The Bulgarian, Heavy Feet, Scott Cooper, James Amato and of course the S,C&P boys Med Damon and Harry James.

If you're unfamiliar with sound of Potty Mouth Music then here's some samples from the recent 'We Can Play' EP from Chris James & Lee Dearn that was released on Oct 27th. You can purchase them exclusively at Beatport.com now.

Chris James & Lee Dearn - Torcida Cumbria (Original).mp3 (Sample) (Mediafire)
Chris James & Lee Dearn - Torcida Cumbria (Mightyfools Remix).mp3 (Sample) (Mediafire)
Chris James & Lee Dearn - Panic At The Bar Mitzvah.mp3 (Sample) (Mediafire)
Chris James & Lee Dearn - Concept Of Dancing.mp3 (Sample) (Mediafire)

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