Recession? pffft what recession?

If you've saved up a few quid for a rainy day and the current recession mean's nothing to you other than your butler keep's asking for extra shifts then you might be interested to know that DJ Mr.C (From Shamen / The End / Superfreq / Plink Plonk fame) is selling his entire House music & Techno music record collection including music from 1985 to June 2008 on Ebay.

"Selling the entire collection individually would bring somewhere in the region of £150,000.00 - £200,000.00 but due to Mr.C's desire to keep the collection together, he'll part with the whole collection for a knock down price of £75,000.00 as a minimum bid."

Get in there quick bargain hunters!


Jax said...

read ur comments on palmsout

this is all fucked

Pelski said...

fuckin hell, has it been bought?