Big Fat Trouble

Big Fat Trouble

A couple of weeks ago, after a late DJ set in Shoreditch I headed down to The End to catch the last ever Chew The Fat night to be held there before it closes it's doors in January. It was my first time at a CTF event and man, I wasn't disappointed. I got there just as SebastiAn had taken to the decks in the main room and it was heaving. After a little scout around to the lounge to check out Mowgli and grab a beer or three I proceeded to dance my way well into the early hours.

I've never seen SebastiAn live and his set was alternative to say the least. As well as his distictive dark grinding electro he proceeded to drop and sample while changing the tempo, basicly stearing well clear of a constant driving beat which, was refreshing to say the least. My highlight being the drop of a track by The Strokes, the title of which I can't put my finger on this long after the event but hey it was was pretty damn awesome. The next thing I know it's 6am and we're being ushered to the cloakroom que. Amazing!

Anyway Chew The Fat! are back on the 20th of December alongside Trouble Vision to bring you Big Fat Trouble an Christmas party with a pretty damn fine line up featuring Herve, Zomby, Trevor Loveys, Disco Of Doom, Boy 8 Bit to name a few. The event is also being ran in association with Timeout magazine, who have chosen Chew The Fat! as one of their future five nights in London.

VERY limited advance Tickets available here:
or here:

For a taster of the nights proceedings here's an early '08 mix from Zomby.

Zomby - HEY MUTHERFUCKERZ !!!.mp3 (divshare)

Also be sure to check out their interview with Herve here.


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