The Nightmare Before Christmas


If you're stuck for a Christmas gift or two then you might want to try popping down to SIN on Charing Cross Road in London tonight for the opening of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Hosted by Little Art Book and Daydream Network, they bring you Christmas cheer in the form of screenprint's and canvas's for sale of over 24 artists including Pure Evil, Rugman, Focus, Snub, Hutch, ATG, One Trick Pony, Sin House, The Krah, Oh Death, Dan Kitchener, Paintshop, Ashab and Mishfit to name a few. You can also check out art & graffiti installations in the courtyard by these featured artists. So come down grab some mulled wine, munch on a mince pie and even have a dance to music provided by myself and a suprise live band.