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Introducing: Designer Drugs

Their name was inspired by psychedelic drugs and anti-drug literature from High School which, obviously proved ineffective as it was a dodgy Acid trip that lead them onto the path they're on today. Making head banging synthy electro-rave tunes and Dj sets to tear up your dancefloor with brutal force. Meet Philadelphia's Designer Drugs.

So how long have you been Djing?
Michael - since I was 16, my friend Ray Martinez taught me how, he had a pair of 1200's so I pretty much spent everyday of my high school life chilling at his house mixing records. We had a nice little crew of people that would party there almost every night and we would take turns Djing for hours, everyday, all day. We started doing underground/illegal parties and raves and I was playing out before I even had my own turntables. Theo actually threw a party that was shutdown by the DEA when he was 16. Haha, Those were the days...

Where did your DJ name come from?
When I was in High School I was fascinated with psychedelic drugs and altering consciousness so I would read books on drugs at the high school library. I thought the term Designer Drugs sounded really cool but it wasn't until 2007 that I started the Designer Drugs Project. So I guess I want to thank my high school library for all the entertaining anti-drugs material.

Can you name a record that first sparked your interest in dance music?
Yeah, the Chemical Brothers - Block Rocking Beats. Its so solid, the "dig your own hole" album still impresses me to this day. Also the album that REALLY made me want to produce was
- Grooverider - Mysteries of Funk. I was on this REALLY CRAZY acid trip and thought it was the end of me. I put on that record and I knew exactly what I was going to spend the rest of my life doing. It was some really deep shit that changed my life/saved my life.

Do you have any residencies or events you organise or play regularly?
Yeah JHN RDN, CLUB LYFESTYLE and myself are doing an event called LIVE FOREVER. I'm really happy with it, we have been getting a lot of positive feedback and packing the venue. As long as people are having fun I'm happy, thats our main concern. We want to do something to create an experience. There are so many parties that are great but its just a club and djs or bands. With LIVE FOREVER we are trying to entertain more in different directions. The first party we decorated the place to look like a jungle, and gave out masks and painted peoples faces. The last party we counted down at midnight and celebrated 3008, CluB Lyfestile did a Dance Performance @ Midnight and we handed out glow in the dark glasses and tiaras that said 3008, decorated the place to look like the future and painted peoples faces. We really want people to walk into the party and say "what the fuck is going on here?"

How/when did you first begin making music ?
I first met Theo in 97/98 and he had this HUGE sound system in his room. I seriously have played at clubs with smaller PA's. He had a few synths too and we would party there and try to make music. The funny thing was he would turn it WAY UP at 4am and his parents and sibling never said anything. To this day I have no idea why no one came to his room screaming at us to turn it down.

Do you prefer to remix other artists tracks or produce original material?
They are both fun. Honestly, I prefer to produce original material but remixes are great for exposure and they are really easy to do... plus there is not as much artistic stress when you are doing a remix because its not your material. I'm a lot more picky about the musical aesthetic of our original material which we are working on now. We are aiming to do a LP this year and while we work on that we are doing remixes to stay fresh have something to give out to the djs.

Are there any bands or artists that you draw inspiration from?
I never really sit down and try to get inspired to make music. If I have free time I just write. I guess I'm inspired by all of my life experiences day to day.

Who would you most like to work with on a track and why?
The Klaxons probably, they are my favorite contemporary artists. I REALLY like their chord progressions, melodies and arrangements. I'm curious what procedure they use to create.
I would also love to work with Kevin Shields from My bloody valentine... I think he may be my favorite artist of all time.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time?
Making Justin Timberlake's comeback album. Haha. I'm intrigued with pop music and I think it would be a nice challenge although the medium for music may be so different in ten years that definitively pop music may not exist.

What was your highlight of 2007?
The Designer Drugs project itself was the highlight of 2007 (I think we started it in 07?). I spent most of 2006 building a recording studio with my friend Tom Kee and during that time all I wanted to do was write music but I couldn't because we were doing construction almost non stop. Now that its finished I'm just happy to be making music people enjoy.

What are your plans for 2008?
We plan on doing a few more remixes while we work on an LP. I'm also planning on taking the LIVE FOREVER party elsewhere. I'm setting up a monthly in MIAMI and am talking to people elsewhere so we'll see what happens.
I'm in the process of moving to New York and setting up shows in the states and internationally.

Designer Drugs - DATAMIX01.mp3 (zshare)
1. Boys Noize - Don't Believe the Hype (Surkin RMX 1)
2. Simian Mobile Disco - It the Beat
3. ??? - ???
4. Does it Offend You Yeah - We Are Rockstars
5. Justice - Phantom
6. Boys Noize - Feel Good (TV OFF)
7. Klaxons - Magick (Simian Mobile Disco RMX)
8. Prinz and Wallus - Musicgeschichte (Dennis Hurwitz RMX)
9. The Sounds - Tony the Beat

Designer Drugs - DATAMIX02.mp3 (zshare)
1.Throw It On Me - Timbaland (Bloody Beetroots REMIX)
2.D.A.N.C.E. - Justice (MSTRKRFT REMIX)
3.Doomed Now - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
4.Digitalism in Ciaro - Digitalism
5.Cream - Federico Franchi
6.Come to Me - Adam K
7.Bring It On - Goose (JFK of MSTRKRFT REMIX)
8.The Creeps - The Freaks (Vandalism REMIX)
9.Playmate - Armand Van Helden (Jesse Rose REMIX)
10.Black Gloves - Goose (Bloody Beetroots REMIX)
11.& Down - Boyz Noise
12.Fun Punch - Bagraiders (White Noise REMIX)
13.Jique - Brazilian Girls (MSTRKRFT REMIX)
14.I Want Your Soul - Armand Van Helden
15.Fuck Yeah - Designer Drugs (double drop edit)
16.She’s My Man - Scissor Sisters (Goose REMIX edit)
17.Sex Up My Brain - Missouri Phoenix (Designer Drugs REMIX)
18.1234 - Feist (Van She Tech REMIX)

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Oh-Death @Together

So, I sent my mixtape to the promoters of Together as they're running this DJ X-Factor thing this Saturday as part of their 2nd birthday celebrations, and they've asked me to play for just 30mins in the early hours. Yeah its ain't nothing too special but fuck it I'll play to whoever wants to dance so I'll see you down there! Top floor 3:30am. Nice.

Together Myspace

Cargo's 7th Birthday = Free Booze & Music

If you're up for some free booze and bands in London tonight then get yourself over to Cargo's website and register for the mailing list then click on the link in the news section to download your free invite to their 7th birthday celebration night with free entry and free booze for the early birds. Featuring Tawiah and Does It Offend You, Yeah? playing live.
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Heath Ledger R.I.P

Heath Ledger: April 4, 1979 – January 22, 2008 R.I.P

Brodinski @ Durrr Tonight!

Tonight the cool kids will all be descending upon The End, London to celebrate Durrr's 1st birthday party which, along with French indie/electro kids Poni Hoax will be graced by the brilliant Brodinski as the 'secret guest'.

DIM - Is You (Brodinski Remix).mp3

Brodinski Myspace
Poni Hoax
Durrr Myspace

Roland TR-909

So you thought the Rave Generator was good? Check out this online version of the classic Roland TR-909. Plenty more other web/music gadgets there too:

Laboratory Andre Michelle

Death Bootlegs

OK, so I'm working on a new mixtape and some new tee's which will be available soon.
In the mean time please help yourself to my bootlegs I've been spinning over the past few months.

Duran Duran Vs. Solid Groove, Sinden & Switch - View To A Red Hot Kill (Oh-Death Edit).mp3 (zshare)

Thomas Andersson Vs. Xpansions 95 Vs. Tiga Vs. Green Velvet - Wash Your Body In La La Land (Oh-Death Edit).mp3 (zshare)

Strip Steeve Vs. Weezer - Steady Drugs (Oh-Death Edit).mp3 (zshare)

Mekon Vs. Modeselektor - What's Going On Kill Bill? (Oh-Death Edit).mp3 (zshare)

Add them to your Myspaz here.

The Teenagers US Tour

This Friday see's the start of The Teenagers' North American Tour promoting the release of their debut album "Reality Check" which is released here today. But, not only will you lucky yanks get the Gallic talent of Michael Szpiner, Dorian Dumont and Quentin Delafon, but also the talents of Antonia Wilson and my good friend Rebecca Francis-Ashton as session drummer and guitarist, respectively.

By the sound of things they seem to be making a more live sounding performance rather than the laptop drum machine performances of the past. So, you'll be the lucky ones to hear it before us Brits when they return to support Justice at the Astoria on Feb 14th.

The Teenagers - 'Reality Check'

01 - Homecoming
02 - Love No
03 - Feeling Better
04 - Starlett Johansson
05 - Streets Of Paris
06 - Make It Happen
07 - Wheel Of Fortune
08 - Fuck Nicole
09 - French Kiss
10 - Sunset Beach
11 - III
12 - End Of The Road

Released digitally in the US today (Buy Here)
Available as CD format on Meroc Records & XL Recordings on March 17th.

The Teenagers - Homecoming (Gentelmen Drivers Rave Mix).mp3 (zshare)

The Teenagers Myspace

Modular Pool Party

So the January blues are kicking in, you're sick of your job and need a holiday, but you won't be able to dust off your swimming costume until July at the earliest.
Fear not as party kings Modular are hosting their first event of the year at Bar Aquarium, London with a selection of floor filing performances from:

Who Made Who (Live)
Primary 1 (Live)
Make Model (Live)
Herve (DJ Set)
Ladyhawke (DJ Set)
Metronomy (DJ Set)
Matthew Stone (DJ Set)
Modular DJs

Get your tix here.

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Monday Morning Mixtape: Pierre LP

Heres some fresh fidgit house for you on this Monday morning from Pierre LP, Germany. Expect an interview with him soon but for the meantime heres his recent GET SKULL mixtape as well as a live mixtape with his best fidget tracks of '07. Enjoy.

Pierre LP – GET SKULL out of my fidget fridge

1.missy elliot - we run this ( duke dumont remix )
2.remi nicole - rock n roll ( lee mortimer remix )
3.vyle - strobemouth ( drop the lime remix )
4.riva starr - badassbass
5.wongo - raw barabbas
6.foamo - moving it over here
7.kylie minogue - 2 hearts ( destroy disco remix )
8.madox - plastic fantastic ( riva starr chunky as fuck remix )
9.armand van helden - je t'aime ( switch remix )
10.madox - plastic fantastic ( madox g dub remix )
11.switch - twisted jazz
12.cj bolland - sugar is sweeter ( twocker remix )
13.the young lovers - low down groove ( dj fame remix )
14.crookers - love to edit
15.diplo ft. ryerye - wassupwasuup
16.detect - dance division ( yuksek remix )
17.peter bjorn and john - young folks ( phones remix )
18.daft punk - oh yeah ( soulwax edit ) chip - ready for the floor ( diplo remix ) chip - ready for the floor ( jesse rose mix )
21.claude vonstroke - deep throat ( wongos pooey poo remix )
22.nic sarno - the sample truth
23.destiny - tapedick ( STDJs Remix )
24.destiny - tapedick ( pierre lp re-edit )
25.wongo - and so we let go
26.nirvana vs. felix cartel - Territorial Man ( titts edit and tempo tool )
27.pharoahe monch - intro
28.partyshank vs yo - majesty ( shanks bootleg mix )
29.miss kittin - kittin is high ( jojo de freq s beauty remix )
30.dead soul brothers - come on now ( phones remix )
31.mowgli - just be
32.under byen - plantage ( brabe remix )
33.the bootlickers - the wasp
34.richard cheese – milkshake

Pierre LP – GET SKULL out of my fidget fridge.mp3 (zshare)

Pierre LP - Öhrli Bird LIVE

1. Modeler - Drum Basher ( Original Mix )
2. Bonde Do Role - Office Boy ( Brodinski Remix )
3. Justin Martin - Ghetto Train ( Original Mix )
4. Andrea Doria - Yaoo ( Original Mix )
5. The Bulgarian - The other Door ( Original Mix )
6. Jesse Rose - Itchy Dog ( Original Mix )
7. Gutterpunk - Up 2 11 ( the Yank Remix )
8. Pharao Monch - Body Baby ( Count of Monte Cristal & Sinden Mix )
9. Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal - Beeper ( Original Mix )
10. Crookers feat. Dargen D'Amico - Nchlinez ( DJ Froz Mad Edit )
11. Bonde Do Role - Gasolina ( Crookers Crunk Mix )
12. Coldcut - True Skool ( Switch Remix )
13. House of Pain - Jump around ( Micky Slims Speed Shamrocks Remix )
14. Edu K - Hot Mama ( Bonde Do Role Mix )
15. Baltimore Club Music - Mr. Postman ( Baltimore Club Mix )
16. Diplo vs. The Beatles - Shhake it up ( Original Mix )
17. Speaker Junk - Close your Eyes ( Original Mix )
18. Crookers - Chippin it up 4 a Killa ( Trevoy Loveys Re-Work )
19. Spektrum - Don't Be Shy ( Speaker Junk Remix )
20. Armand Van Helden - Playmate ( Jesse Rose Remix )
21. Edu K - Sex O' Matic ( Solid Groove Mix )
22. Acid Jacks - Mookie ( Original Mix )
23. Elektrons - Get Up ( Herve gets down Remix ) ; ( Tool )
24. Bassnectar feat. Kristina Mari - Yo ( Speaker Junks Jackin' Brasil Remix)
25. Claude Von Stroke - Chimps ( Trevor Loveys Mix )
26. The Bulgarian - Listen Man ( Original Mix )
27. Induceve - Stay cool ( Original Mix )
28. Jamie Lidell - When I Come Back Around ( Orignal Mix )
29. Calvin Harris - Merrymaking at my Place ( Mr. Oizo Remix )
30. Does it Offend You, Yeah ? - We are Rockstars ( Kissy Sell Out Mix )
31. Chromeo - Tenderoni ( MSTRKRFT Remix )
32. Dorp - Extreme ( Kissy Sell Out Mix )
33. Goose - Bring it On ( MSTRKRFT Remix )

Pierre LP - Öhrli Bird LIVE.mp3 (zshare)

Pierre LP Myspace
Öhrli Bird Blog

Long Distance Kiss
Long Distance Kiss

Awesome artwork by Emma Mount:

This Is Hot:

...find me that Tattoo artist!

Supergrass Smash & Grab

If you're in London tonight and fancy an intimate gig with two thirds of Supergrass for £5 then head over to weekly piss-up Smash & Grab hosted by the Queens Of Noize. The Diamond Hoo Ha Men aka Danny Goffey and Gaz Coombes from Supergrass are performing as a twosome while bassist Mickey Quinn recovers from a broken back. Theres a review of their last gig over at in which the band (which also happens to be the name of Supergrass' new single) introduced the crowd to new material from the new Supergrass album along with some Supergrass classics.

Smash & Grab Myspace
Supergrass Myspace
Diamond Hoo Ha Men Myspace

Oh-Death in Frockmag

A big thankyou to Tessa from online webmag Frock Magazine who took time out to interview me for the latest issue. If you want to know a bit more about me and my ideas behind my T-Shirts then head over to have a read. Also in the mag are interviews with Midnight Juggernauts, Free Blood, Gay Against You and Levi's cool new record label Levity.

Introducing: DJ Zebo

From Jungle to Juke, DJ Zebo has played it all. As founder of Irie Records he was one of the pioneer DJ's of the mid 1990's to hold Jungle and Rave parties in Chicago and produce and release records within the genre. Since then he's still got his passion for Jungle but has moved into bmore and house, producing brilliant club bootlegs as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Mixmaster Mike, Grandmaster Flash, Flosstradamus, Tittsworth, DJ Ayres, and Para One to name a few.

How long have you been DJing and what brought about your interest in it?
I started DJing back in 1998. I got into it when I started going to "Rave" parties in 1996. My boy Ben Derekson (Curtis Chip of Zod Records) gave me a tape of him and his brother doing a live pa. At that time I had no idea what a live pa was. They did a set of acid techno and I heard it and was hooked. A few weeks later they brought me to my first party and as soon as I saw the DJ mixing, I knew that is what I wanted to do.
In 1998 I moved to Chicago for school and bought my first pair of turntables and a shitty Gemini mixer. I started hitting up Gramaphone Records every week and was building my collection. At that time I primarily spun Jungle and House.

Do you have a residency or play at regular events?
Currently I hold 3 weekly residencies. On Thursdays nights I do a party called BFF with my girl Heather Doble. The club is called Berlin and it is a 4am spot with a great vibe. It is the type of place where people just go and dance and do not give a fuck. We have guests every once and a while and just hosted the Kleavage tour (Klever & Tittsworth) there a few weeks ago.

On Friday nights I have a party called "The Booty Up" at a venue called The EvilOlive in the wicker park neighborhood. This is also a 4am bar and the music I play with my other resident, Pr3-Frosh is very eclectic.

Saturday nights I have a party called "No Mas Tequila" that I throw at Sub T which is also in the wicker park neighborhood. This is a 3am spot and I bring in different weekly guests. We get a good crowd every week and we also keep the music diverse focusing on dance music.

Monthly residencies: I throw a party on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at a venue called Moonshine. The residents are myself, Marco Morales, Local Hero, and DJ Trew. This is also very eclectic.
I play once a month at Funky Buddha Lounge for a party called "Outdanced" that is thrown by one of Chicago's top promoters, Avant Trill.
I play a once a month slot at a party called Syndicate at Debonair Social Club. The music is more of the hipster electro, bmore, dance classics.

Bi-Monthly residency: I throw a party called "When in doubt... Juke it out" which showcases Juke music which is a dance genre that is native to Chicago. The genre is kept pretty much on the south and west side of the city so I do my party at SmartBar (Voted #1 club in the US at the Miami Winter Music Conference last year) which is on the northside. My goal is to expose the music to a new demographic and also have a spot for these juke DJs' / producers to play that is different from their usual places.

I also do random events here and there. I am very passionate about DJing and spreading good music.

Could you explain briefly what Juke music sounds like and give an example track that sums up the sound of the genre?
Juke is a genre born out of the Southside of Chicago. Primarily held at parties in the south and even west side of the city. There is a specific type of dancing that goes along with juke and it is referred to as "footwork" which involves quick movement of the feet. Juke has been gaining popularity outside of the "southside Chicago" niche over the past years as people from all over the US and the world are learning more about the music. Certain message boards have helped push this along with their members being djs and music collectors who share their knowledge of the genre. The internet has made it possible for people in these other areas to hear songs and even full out sets from djs and producers alike.
Juke is a style of dance music that is faster than the typical "house" music that you hear so much in Chicago. Juke is around 140-160 bpm which is why footwork looks so fast and erratic. With Juke there is also "Ghetto House" or "Booty", "Ghetto-Tech", "Miami Bass", "Baltimore Club," and I'm sure a few more that I am forgetting.
There is a hip hop group from Chicago called "Dude N Nem" who have a hit single called "Watch My Feet." The chorus of the song goes from rap into Juke and you will notice that the speed (or bpm) doubles. This track is getting airplay all over the U.S. and the video is played on B.E.T. and MTV. Because of this song, Juke will be brought to a much wider audience that may not have had any idea about the music. Now you are seeing it in even more tracks. Twista's "Pimp Like Me" and Kid Sister's "Pro Nails" to name a few.
I don't have a track off-hand that can sum up the genre, but here is a video that has a track by Dj Slugo (Who I just had out at my last juke event last weekend) and it shows many different people doing "footwork" and a bangin' Juke track in it:

Chicago Juke (Dj Slugo)

Which DJ/acts have you played alongside at previous events?
Some of the more notable acts that I have played with: Mixmaster Mike, Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, Q-bert, Klever, Flosstradamus, Tittsworth, The Easystar Allstars, DJ Mel, DJ Ayres, DJ Godfather, DJ Gant-Man, DJ Funk, Riot in Belgium, Para One, Surkin, Orgasmic, Devlin & Darko (Spankrock Djs) and many others.

Is a majority of the material you produce remixes of other peoples music or do you prefer original tracks?
I am a sample based producer so I prefer remixing tracks. I also like to use samples that people may not recognize and make something new with it. Someday I will get into composing, but for right now I am happy with using samples.

You started off playing ragga jungle, founded Irie Way Records and produced many tracks within that genre, when did you decide to change your music and producing style and why?
I will always have serious love for jungle. It is one of the greatest dance genres ever made. It has a lot to do with what I am doing today. Now I am referring to true jungle music from the 93-97 era. Once it got into that techy /DnB sound... it lost my interest. I prefer chopped and looped drum breaks as opposed to that of a drum machine. If you look at old jungle and bmore you find a lot of similarities. Even the breaks themselves. The think break and the hotpants break were both big in jungle and are big in bmore.
I started losing my passion for throwing jungle parties in Chicago as I felt it wasn't truly appreciated. It was also getting annoying to play sets and just have people watch you DJ and not dance. You get a lot of the "chin scratcher" crowd with jungle. The people are really feelin' it, but they just don't really dance too much. My boy Autobot (Flosstradamus) came to me and played me some bmore. From that point on I was hooked. It had all of the drum breaks that I loved with jungle, but at a slower speed and fun samples mixed in and was VERY dance friendly. I started playing it out and people in Chicago went nuts for the stuff! It made DJing a lot more fun.... like when I had just started out.

You've recently produced your first release "We Likes" on a joint EP with Bird Peterson and Abducted. Are you planning more release colaborations in the future?
Definitely... we have been slacking a little bit, but we are compiling tracks for SES002 and have a couple of big names contributing tunes on top of myself and Bird Peterson. It is going to be an amazing release! I am also planning a possible new label with my boy Marco Morales from here in Chicago. It will have the bmore flavor with a twist.

Are there any bands or acts that you draw any inspiration from?
It is hard to say whom in particular, but I draw inspiration from anything and everything. If it makes people dance, then it is all good in my book. My main inspiration for DJing/ producing bmore would have to be Tittsworth. I brought him out to dj about a year and a half ago and was amazed at his skill and consistency. His style of djing was my main inspiration for my style of Bmore djing. The man is a machine... if you have not had the pleasure of seeing him DJ then you are missing out!

What was your highlight of 2007?
I would have to say it was my first Juke party at SmartBar that was in August. We had Dj Gant-man, Dj Nehpets, and Dj Godfather on the line-up. We had about 450 people come through and they juked their asses off until 4am and wanted more. The party had such a great energy and vibe to it. It made me feel as if I accomplished my goal of spreading the sound.

What are your plans for 2008?
Keep grindin' and pushing the sound of the music that I love. I have decided to start djing in other cities than Chicago which I have always strayed away from because of my residencies. I figure it is time to spread my wings.

Heres his recent 'My Style is Furious' mixtape.

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork
Lake & Leger - Aqualight
Mr. Oizo - Patrick 122
Sombionx feat. Sara Bunny - I Like House Music
Diplo - Touch It Remix
Zebo - Southside Refix
The Martin Brothers - Stoopit
DJ Blaqstarr - Shake It To The Ground
Mr. Oizo - Ted Kavinsky
Dances With White Girls - Push The Feeling Remix
Claude VonStroke & Galen - Jam On It (Disco Kryptonite Remix)
Debbie Deb - When I hear Music
Tittsworth - Poison Remix
Hakan Lidbo - Walk Away (Todd Edwards Remix)
Ellen Allien & Apparat - Turbo Dreams (Marc Houle Remix)
Majik Johnsonn - Scanning For Viruses (Claude VonStroke Mix)
Switch - Get On Downz
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Kurtis Mantronik Club Mix)

DJ Zebo - My Style is Furious.mp3 zshare

Also, check out these bonus tracks:

Young Static - Catch a Wave (Zebo's Juke Refix).mp3 zshare
Zebo - Thick Girls Bunee.mp3 zshare

And if you love your Disco make sure you listen to his mixtape posted over at Fully Fitted

Dj Zebo Myspace
Dj Zebo Website

"Whistle Crew, Where Are You?!"

This is the best thing on the internet. Period.

Jack-it Like A Zombie!


This mixtape from HiJack has already got a few mentions and is causing a stir on other music blogs with this brilliant selection of glitchy, jackin' electro/house beats, but I'm gonna post it anyway.

Vukasin, one half of the duo has already made a mark in my record box with the brilliant "I Feel" which goes down a treat on the dancefloor, hence saving the best for last in this case.

1. Geoff K - Mary Go Round (Bulgarian RMX) [Second Session]
2. Nic Sarno - Elephant [Jack Union]
3. Rene van Munster - Outta Control Bootleg [White]
4. Kenneth Bager - Fragment 7 (Jesse Rose RMX) [Music For Dreams]
5. The Young Lovers - Low Down Groove (DJ Fame RMX) [Loungin]
6. Clarke Able - Shake Shake Shake [Jack Union]
7. Santiago & Bushido - Memory Dub [Robsoul]
8. Prince Po - Hold Dat (Ducktape Bootleg) [White]
9. DJ Jeroenski - Back Once Again (Lee Mortimer RMX) [CR2]
10. Nick Supply - Hiznhiz [Unreleased]
11. Oliver $ vs. Kenny Dope - Ghetto Bucket (HiJack Bootleg) [White]
12. Jaksaw - Get Ready [Jack Union]
13. HiJack - Shimmy [Potty Mouth]
14. Natty Jack - Tech Buddy [Wearhouse]
15. Kink - Bad Man (Bulgarian Re-Edit) [White]
16. Detroit Grand Pubahs - 181U812 (Speakerjunk RMX) [Smoke & Mirrors]
17. Clarke Able - Lemon Head (HiJack Accapella) [ESP]
18. Bulgarian - Jack It like a Zombie (Santiago & Bushido RMX) [Potty Mouth]
19. Bart B More - Make Some Noise [Secure]
20. Foamo - Movin’ It Over Here [Cubic]
21. Steve Mac vs. Todd Terry - Can U Feel It [White]
22. Andy George - Big Dipper (HiJack RMX) [Wearhouse]
23. Wekan - Skid (DJ Touche RMX) [ESP]
24. Outhud vs. Solid Groove & Sinden (HiJack Bootleg) [White]
25. HiJack - Possessed [Potty Mouth]
26. Crookers - Night Pollution [Unknown]
27. Mika - Love Today (Switch Remix) [Island]
28. When Saints Go Machine - Pretty Rich (HiJack RMX) [WSGMRMX]
29. Lee Mortimer - Fully Automated (Oliver $ RMX) [Wearhouse]
30. Vukasin - I Feel [Jack Union]

HiJack - New Year 2008 Mix.mp3 zshare

Alwayz Frydaze

If you wanna check out HiJack in the flesh then why not head over to Egg this Friday as the boys from Deadly Rhythm have taken the liberty of booking them to play at Alwayz Frydaze along with a host of other fresh jackin' tallent.

HiJack Myspace
Deadly Rhythm Myspace
Alwayz Frydaze Myspace

Introducing: DJ Neoteric


At 27, DJ Neoteric has already launched a record label and promotions company, while holding down a weekly residency, only missing that to head around Canada on a 14 date tour. As well as DJing alongside the likes of Raekwon (Wu Tang Clan), Devin the Dude, DJ Jam (Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre's DJ) and Kool Herc to name a few. Not to mention producing some fine mixtapes and remixes blending Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk & Soul, R&B, Baltimore Club, Electro, House, Disco, Pop, Rock, Baile Funk, Breaks, and "anything else that makes people dance".

How long have you been Djing?
11 years now I guess. Wow, it’s been that long?

You launched Futility Records back in 2000, was this a solo project or are you working with anyone else?
I started it by myself, with the intentions of working with others. It was nice to have a “label” to release my mixtapes under, but the first official release was actually a classic Canadian Hip Hop album from my homie Moves called ‘Hiss 2’. It was a compilation he produced and featured Buck 65, Sixtoo, Moka Only, and other Canadian rappers. As time went on Futility became an outlet for us to sell our music online, and later grew to carry close to 300 underground rap releases from around the world. That got tired after a while because the quality of the music fell; everyone could make their own album in their bedrooms and it wasn’t the same. So I shut down the store, but continued to release mixtapes, and albums from the crew. We had some distribution at that point that spread the CDs around the world which was cool. Then, in another moment of redefinition, Futility ceased to exist as a record label, and rebirthed as a local promotions company. Nowadays it’s just a glorified message board, but it’s still well known in the Canadian rap scene.

Do you have any residencies elsewhere or play regularly at any other events?
I play in Whistler, BC quite often (Every Friday, if not more). It’s a resort town that is wild during the Winter, and fun during the summer. Outside of that I rotate around Vancouver and area, and generally tour parts of Canada once a year. In October ‘07 I did 17 dates in Eastern Canada, which was a lot of fun. I’m working on starting a monthly party in Vancouver, so I’m excited about that. I’ve found I get sick of weeklies easily, plus I like to see other cities and countries whenever possible.

How long have you been producing?
By the loosest definition, for about 6 years I’d say, when I bought an Ensoniq ASR-X. I never really put time into it as I was trying to DJ, run a website, a record label, and hold down a day job. Over the past 2 years I’ve certainly attempted to catch up, and learn all the new programs and try to find the best way to translate my ideas into actions. I’ve got a few friends I’ve been able to work with and learn from which has been a great inspiration.

Do you produce original material as well as remix other artists' tracks?
Not really at this point, but it’s certainly a goal of mine. The remixes are much easier haha. I certainly hope one to one day make something remix worthy.

Are there any bands or acts that you draw any inspiration from?
Well, one of my biggest inspirations is my boy U-Tern. I’m amazed at what he can do, and look forward to everything he puts out. DJ wise I’m inspired by those that are really hustin. With Serato, and Blog search engines it’s become really easy for everyone to be a DJ, to have the same songs, and make the same kinda mixes. I appreciate the DJs putting in work, playing new or different tunes, and making their own edits and remixes. I’m always looking forward to hearing new tracks from Mat the Alien, Tittsworth, Diplo, Smalltown DJs, Dava Nada, Krames, Scottie B, A-Trak, Cousin Cole, Emynd, and many others I’m forgetting right now..

What are your plans for 2008?
Travel! I’m going to be hitting the Ski towns of Western Canada again this year in March. Then Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal in May. After that, I’m hoping to hit California and Las Vegas and anywhere else in the US. I just want to get out to cities I’ve never visited and meet like minded people. I’m also going to try to drop a new mix at least every 2 months. I’ll be doing one for the In-Deed show in XFM which I’m excited about. And of course, working on new edits and remixes!

What was the best part of 2007?
I felt like there were a lot of highlights this year. For one, getting on the level with artists and DJs I looked up to was pretty cool. It was also a great year for my night in Whistler. The crowd gets crazy, and everyone I book always has a blast and wants to come back. On top of that I think it was my busiest year ever, so that’s a good thing.

What will be your new years resolution?
To procrastinate less. To cook more at home. To simplify my life, and focus more on what means the most to me. And of course to TEAR THE FUCKIN CLUB UP!


Heres his recent mixtape he made for Discobelle:

01. King Polo - Acid Shack
02. VNDLSM - Every Woman (1nder Edit)
03. Dead Prez - Warzone (Ass in the Club Remix)
04. Mat The Alien - Digitalism Who Looka Here
05. U-Tern - Kiss This
06. Wax Romeo - Synthy Disco
07. Kid Cudi - Day and Night (Jokers of the Scene Extended Remix)
08. Krames - Fuck Them Bitches
09. Sleazy V - On Your Knees
10. High Powered Boys ft Ludacris - Hoes Get Down (DJ Amen Re-edit)
11. K7 & Sammy Bananas - Come Baby Come
12. Smalltown DJs - Smack a Badman
13. DJ Spen presents Jasper Street Company - Solid Ground (Doo Dew Solid Mix)
14. DJ Technics - Lets Go
15. DJ Phinesse - Crazy Hype
16. Kazey - Play Me Sexy
17. Say Wut - Some Action
18. KW Griff - Yall Aint Safe
19. JCW - Get Shot
20. Chubby Fingers - Droppin Pianos
21. Scott Matelic - Grapevine
22. Van Morrison - Gloooria (Murge Refix)
22. MSTRKRFT - She’s Good For Business
23. Lady Tigra - Bass on the Bottom (Justin Kase Edddit)
24. Cousin Cole - Gyrate Remix
25. Nate Dogg - All the Girls Get Up (Mr. Andersonic Remix)
26. DJ Tanner - Pop Lock and Bang It
27. The Knish Hit Squad - Your Body
28. Len - Hot Rod Monster Jam
29. Fast Eddie & Funky J - Big Ol Booty
30. U-Tern - Look At That Booty
31. Busy P - Chop Suey
32. Kilo - America Has a Problem
33. Andre Nickatina - Ayo for Yayo
34. Eddie Murphy - Party All the Time (Klever Remix)
35. Debbie Harry - Rush Rush (Neoteric & Matty C rough Edit)
36. DJ Sega - Bodies Hit the Floor (Hollertronix)
37. Knowself - Why I’m Like This

DJ Neoteric - Discobelle Mix.mp3 zshare

Also check out his brilliant Gone 'Til Nov Mixtape:

DJ Neoteric - Gone 'Til Nov Mix.mp3 zshare

Check out these bonus bootlegs:

DJ Neoteric - Nirvana vs Stardust.mp3 zshare
Ludacris – Move Bitch (DJ Neoteric Remix).mp3 zshare

Check out his website for more mixtapes, tracklistings and edits:

DJ Neoteric Myspace
DJ Neoteric Website



So, kicking off the year as we mean to go on, here is a little treat I got in the mail from fellow blogger Finckobot over at Check out his site for more featured mixtapes including the elusive Bang Gang 'Grey' Disc. You can also download more from Finckobot over on the Myspace page.

1.Teki Latex - Les Matins De Paris (Surkin)
2.VNDLSM - Uh Oh!
3.Moulinex - Break Chops
4.Foamo - Moving It Over Here
5.Lady Tigra - Bass On The Bottom (80Kidz danCxx Remixx)
6.Adam Sky vs. Mark Stewart - We Are All Prostitutes (Crookers Remix)
7.Cicada - The Things That You Say (Mr. Miyagi Remix)
8.High Powered Boys - Hoes Get Down
9.Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance (Herve Remix)
10.Boys Noize - Arcade Robot
11.Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal - Everybody Rocking
12.Delete - Sunk
13.Duke Dumont - Pop Dat Poosay
14.Trash Yourself - Touch
15.Kissy Sell Out - Her (Touche Remix)
16.Steed Lord - Dirty Mutha (DJ Mehdi Remix)
17.The Bloody Beetroots - I Love The Bloody Beetroots
18.Mark Knight - Party Animal (Vandalism Remix)
19.Radioclit - Divine Gosa (Switch Remix)
20.M.I.A. - Boyz (Kimono Kops Remix)
21.Aquasky - Have A Good Time (Sinden & The Count Of Monte Cristal Remix)
22.New Young Pony Club - Get Lucky (MSTRKRFT Remix)
23.Plasticines - Loser (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
24.Muscles - Futurekidz

Finckobot: Welcome To BRRRLN.mp3 divShare
Finckobot Myspace

Happy New Year One And All!

Simian Mobile Disco

Sorry for the late post, its taken a while for me to pull myself together after an amazing NYE at Together, Turnmills with Simian Mobile Disco, Mylo, 2 Many Dj's, Streetlife Dj's and Unkle Buck.

SMD held the decks for midnight and blew the place apart, Mylo played quite a random record selection but it was still pumping despite some dodgy laptop looping and mixing, and for those of us who lasted until 6am, we still had to wait 45 minutes for a delayed 2 Many Dj's set. But it was worth the wait.

Elsewhere, Streetlife Dj's hosted a room and played a blinding set, also in the room were Uncle Buck who were just as rocking.

Well after 10 hours of dancing theres still a few tracks spinning around my head. Here are a couple that got plenty of airplay:

Alter Ego: Why Not?!.mp3 zshare
LCD Soundsystem : Get Innocuous (Soulwax Remix).mp3 zshare
Dusty Kid: The Cat (Original Mix).mp3 zshare
Justice: Phantom Pt.II (Soulwax Remix).mp3 zshare
K.I.M.: System Breakdown

And some choice cuts played by Mylo:
Pixies: Debaser
Eric Clapton: Cocaine (Remix?)

Now, I'm calling upon your help for this one, I first heard this track played by Kavinsky on a recording of his set with Mehdi and A-Trak on the Fools Gold tour.
2 Many Dj's played it as one of their starting records the other night and I' have no idea who or what it is.
I've snipped a clip from Kavinsky's slightly dodgy mixing for you to hear. It's the track between Sebastian: Greel and Daft Punk: Crescendolls.
Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: The track is: Anglo Satellite - Big Black Spider (Les Petits Pilous Remix)

Anyway, here's to 2007 and all that waits in 2008!