Do you want to be in the above photo, looking down on the masses as you warm up for the likes of Rusko, Caspa, Zinc, Raffertie and Foamo? Well here's your chance, Chew The Fat! are running a competition for you to play a set in the main room at their next event on Friday May 29th. All you have to do is make them a mixtape and get it to them no later than Monday 18th May. The best tape wins a set. Simples.

Here's the info:

1. Record your mix. It can bmore, electro, fidget, house, baile funk, tropical, techno, deep dubstep or maybe a bit of everything. You’ll be playing for an hour so don’t make it any longer than that.

2. Burn it to CD and package it up with a tracklist, your name, DJ name (if different), and e-mail and mobile contact details. Unfortunately we don’t have time to download mixes.

3. Send it to us at Chew the Fat!, Battersea Business Centre, Unit 36, 99-109 Lavender Hill, London, SW11 5QL.

4. Get it to us by Monday May 18th latest. The winner will be announced on Friday 22nd and be playing at The Arches the week after.

For more info check out their blog