Lights Out

Lights Out

Check out this thumper of a mixtape from Brazil's Gutex.

Gutex - June Mix (Lights Out).mp3 (Rapidshare)
01-Purple Project - A Trip Into My Brain
02-Sweet Sound - Save The Planet
03-Gosch Project feat Vincenzo Tunnera - Fade Out
04-Westendgirls - A Little Black Dress
05-Aaren San - Friction
06-Jelo, Me & John - Due to Love
07-T-Rek - Take That
08-Ryan Galbraith - Smuggling Duds
09-Mike Cortez & Poldee ft LJ MTX - We Like It
10-Costello - Girls Speak Louder
11-Supadisco - Reset
12-Spencer and Hill - Flat
13-Sono - Keep Control Plus
14-Purple Project - Electro Music Sex
15-Rudenko - Everybody
16-The Replacement - Angel
17-House Rockerz - Guardian Angel
18-Paul Anthony & ZXX - House Music
19-Jean Elan - Killer

Gutex Myspace


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