More Than Friends

Fukkk Offf

A couple of weeks late posting this I know but, I've been getting into these tracks after constant looping in my playlists. I first heard of Germany's Fukkk Offf when I heard the Zodiac Cartel remix of his track 'Rave Is King'. I initially favoured the latter but the original is an anthem in it's own right and it even had success at number 1 in the German Club Charts. Anyway, his debut album 'Love Me, Hate Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.' was released on June 8 on NYC’s Coco Machete Records and you can get over at Beatport.

Fukkk Offf - Love Me, Hate Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.mp3 (Mediafire)
Fukkk Offf - More Than Friends.mp3 (Mediafire)

Also head over to the Fairtilizer site to check out his live set from Graz, plus heaps of remixes of his tracks.