$jammie the Money

$jammie the Money

I've never heard of $jammie the Money or his band Nobody Beats The Drum but after a listen to his The Money Get Paid EP he's definitely a guy to keep an eye on for the future. His sound is like a fusion of jacking beats with electronic and fidgit samples, kind of like if you put Siriusmo and Trevor Loveys in a blender. The EP is out now on Basserk Records who have kindly shared my favorite track on the EP Get Paid which you can download below. You can listen to the other tracks on the $jammie the Money Myspace and purchase the EP from Beatport here.

$jammie the Money - The Money Get Paid EP
1. Get paid.mp3 (mediafire)
2. Break Even
3. Monkey In My Brain (feat. MilkMoneyMaffia)
4. The Money Maker


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Nobody Beats The Drum is one of my favorite bands. I have admire these guys since ever, They are simply magnificent, I mean, their talent have not comparison.

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