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Dazed Raw Blog Awards

So, I found out this morning that my blog has been shortlisted in the final 15 of the Dazed Raw Blog Awards in the 'music' category. To be quite honest I didn't think I'd even get close to the top along with such blog big guns as Discobelle, Trash Menagerie, Discodust, 20JazzFunkGreats, and a whole heap of like minded competition.

I feel very privileged that my one man show pony of a blog of almost two years even came close. But it's not over yet! I still have a chance of being crowned the top music blog with the help of you. It's now down to the public to vote for their favorite blog so, I'm asking you to head over to Dazed Digital and cast your vote.

Hopefully I have left an impression on your hearts and minds with an independent, friendly, good looking and interesting blog to browse every now and then so you'll cast your vote for me. But don't worry I like totally understand if one of the other 14 comes out top in your list, maybe just tell your friends to vote too so you don't feel so guilty. So get voting! and may the best blog win!

Don't forget you can vote in the other categories too so check out the Fashion, Photography and Arts & Culture shortlisted competitors.


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I felt the same way : )

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