Too Hip To Be Square

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Apologies for the shameless self promotion on the blog of late, I'm afraid it's all I've been able to squeeze in. Not just because its been a pretty busy start to the year but that, in all honesty, there hasn't been much in the way of exciting music recently. Which, in a way was inspiration for the Too Hip To Be Square night I'm running.

Albeit a night of music new and old, the aim is to find inspiration in and appreciate the music we have created, loved, and to avoid thinning out the rich texture of sound giving way to a future of minimal beats and glitches. There are plenty of night's divulging in that genre should it be more your thing. If however you want to partake in a brief history of half decent tracks from a plethora or genres from the past five decades then Too Hip To Be Square might be your thing.

This month we welcome Fade In Fade Out (Best Laid Plans), a DJ/VJ/AV collective from London who have brought their unique style to many live shows, including the likes of Fake Blood, Evil Nine, Stanton Warriors, Eddie Temple Morris, Justin Roberston, Dan le Sac VS Scroobius Pip, Nathan Fake, The Ghost Frequency and Chew Lips but to name a few. Check out for more info.

Also playing will be Pink Eye who endeavours to bring you the best in audio attention deficit disorder. Expect nothing (and everything) but the unexpected as he smashes up genres and stops at nothing to rock the boat.

All of this happens on Saturday 6th Feb at The Hobby Horse, 281 Kingsland Road, London. For more information check out the Facebook Event here. Also to keep informed of upcoming Too Hip To Be Square events, releases and collaborations, including the recent Oh-Death vs Roktic T-shirt collaboration then join the Facebook Group here.

If you fancy getting hold of the limited edition T-shirts (Only 50 made) then head over to or alternatively check out the Roktic Pop-Up Shop, East Gallery, 214 Brick Lane, London which is open until the 28th of January. More details can be found at their Facebook Event page or at

Oh-Death vs. Roktic


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