Heard it somewhere before - Part 1

Dead Kids - Into The Fire

Released: 8/12/08

So last week (March 31st) Eddy Temple Morris was fighting the Dead Kids' cause against Coco Sumner over her apparently ripping them off in her new song 'Caesar'. Temple Morris was claiming that the song sounded very similar to that of 'Into The Fire' by Dead Kids and if you compare the two tracks here, I'd say he's quite right.

Anyway, this reminded me of a feature I had been meaning to add to the blog for a while. I'm the type of person who listens to the melody more than the lyrics in music. Often leading me to hear similarities or hints of completely different tunes in random tracks.

Be some of them far fetched or plain outright copies I'll be posting a few I've heard recently on the blog. Submissions are also welcomed so, if you have two (or more) records that you've heard that sound familiar, no matter how small or big the sample/ part is. Drop me a message to oh.death.studio@gmail.com or add the tracks in the comments below.

I Blame Coco feat. Robyn - Caesar
Released: 31/01/10