Surfing The Void

So, almost four years down the line and having got through just as many producers the Klaxon's second album will be out this year. Having seen their first attempt at a follow up album to their debut 'Myths Of The Near Future' scrapped after being rejected by the band's label Polydor, the news that the album 'Surfing The Void' will be out this summer has been confirmed with the release of album artwork above.

A track off the album called 'Flashover' had its debut on Zane Lowe's radio show back in May and has been available to listen to on the band's website and Myspace page since. Apparently it is not due for an official single release, but instead the first single to be released prior to the albums release later in August, will be the yet unaired 'Echoes'.

1. Echoes
2. The Same Space
3. Surfing The Void
4. Valley of The Calm Trees
5. Venusia
6. Extra Astronomical
7. Twin Flames
8. Flashover
9. Future Memories
10. Cypherspeed