Getting On Down

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I've been listening to The Revenge's 'House Is Here (War Is Over) Mix' for a couple of weeks now and I'm really loving the last track in the mix by Stacy Kidd who, as it turns out is Paul Johnson's (of 'Get Get Down' fame) cousin. Its an awesome Chicago house chugger of a track that came out back in 2003 on an EP with Gene Farris called the Showdown E.P. Vol.1 on Camouflage Recordings. Here's a rip from the mix, I'm trying to track down a 320k mp3 if anyone can help?

Stacy Kidd - Getting On Down (Dub).mp3 (Mediafire)

One Year On

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So, one year on and here's a tidy re-edit from Potions to rock along to the good times.

Rock With You (Potions Edit).mp3 (Mediafire)

Surfing The Void

So, almost four years down the line and having got through just as many producers the Klaxon's second album will be out this year. Having seen their first attempt at a follow up album to their debut 'Myths Of The Near Future' scrapped after being rejected by the band's label Polydor, the news that the album 'Surfing The Void' will be out this summer has been confirmed with the release of album artwork above.

A track off the album called 'Flashover' had its debut on Zane Lowe's radio show back in May and has been available to listen to on the band's website and Myspace page since. Apparently it is not due for an official single release, but instead the first single to be released prior to the albums release later in August, will be the yet unaired 'Echoes'.

1. Echoes
2. The Same Space
3. Surfing The Void
4. Valley of The Calm Trees
5. Venusia
6. Extra Astronomical
7. Twin Flames
8. Flashover
9. Future Memories
10. Cypherspeed

Heard it somewhere before - Part 2

The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin
Released: 10/11/67

So while shuffling my way through Spotify I heard the track above by The Moody Blues. Now is it me or is there a similarity between the intro of 'Nights In White Satin' and 'Earth Song' by Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson - Earth Song
Released: 27/11/95

One Man Party

More notable for his performance behind a drum kit with Soulwax, Steve Slingeneyer has been using his down time to fuel his growing production and DJ status as One Man Party. Here's a recent mix he made for Vice Magazine along with a new track 'Listen To The Bass'. For a demo it doesn't sound that bad, give it a bit of fine tuning in the studio, possibly some final production from his Soulwax counterparts and he may just have a club banger.

One Man Party - Listen to the bass (Demo).mp3
One Man Party - Jagerland Mix.mp3 (Via Fairlitizer)

Catch him DJing at the following nights:
17 June : OMP @ Kaserne - Basel
25 June : OMP @ Little Johnny Russells - Portsmouth
26 June : OMP @ The Lock Tavern - London
27 June : OMP @ Sea Sessions festival - Bundoran
02 July : OMP @ The prime time of your life @ the Universe Club - Stuttgart
03 July : OMP @ Electric Shake Festival - Dublin
10 July : OMP @ Lincoln Hall - Chicago
16 July : OMP @ Avalon - Hollywood