Remember a few years back when Ed Banger records was really kicking off and all the blog's were on fire with the latest "blog house" tunes? Yeah funny that. Well while we wait for Justice to come out of retirement for a greatest hits tour we'll have to look for the next likely lad/lad's(/laddette's?) to re-surface amoungst the techno and dubstep currently flooding the airwaves.

One such likely contender is a guy called Choreo who's influence and sound is not too dissimilar to Justice, or Daft punk for that matter. Touching on early Daft Punk-esque melodies accompanied with heavy grinding electro similar to that from Augé and De Rosnay.

Check out his original productions and remixes over at his Souncloud page.

Choreo - Parté by Choreo

Choreo - Lust by Choreo

Choreo PromoMix Winter 2010 by Choreo


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