Too hip To Be Square Vs. Deathwish Disco Pt.11

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In just over 1 weeks time on Friday 19th I'll be back at 93 Feet East hosting Too Hip To Be Square in the bar with Deathwish Disco in the main room. This will be our last event at 93 Feet East before we take a break from our monthly residency than has spanned over a year there. It's not the end of Too Hip To Be Square, we'll be back soon.

So, not letting this last event dampen our spirits we intend to go out with a bang. Along with free giveaways on the night we have DJ Pepper joining us for an eclectic party set. Both Alruii and myself will be spinning early with Fade In Fade Out doing a live AV/DJ set, then the residents will be going back to back for an allstars set to finish the night.

Next door Deathwish Disco are certainly not going out with a whimper either as they bring back the mighty Elite Force and fellow U&A Recordings signing The Loops Of Fury who along with residents Heavy Knights plan to bring the base face upon Brick Lane one last time.

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Check out Pepper's recent live mix:

Summer Warm Up '11 by Pepper...

Elite Force live at Rough Tempo Radio:

Elite Force - Live at Rough Tempo Radio - 29/06-11 by Elite Force

Here's The Loops Of Fury's recent mix for Climbatize Sessions on Ideal Club World Radio:

Climbatize Sessions (June 2011) by TheLoopsOfFury

Stand Back

Image: Young And Feral

Jackmaster Hawk doesn't appear to be giving much information away on his various profiles other than being from the Netherlands however, that cannot be said for his generous posting of downloadable edits of funk, disco, pop & rock on his Soundcloud page. Without removing the tracks structure and transforming it into a new genre or tempo he crafts mixable intro's & outro's and extended breaks throughout favorites and lesser known tracks. Here's a little selection but, be sure to check out his Soundcloud for a load more.

Stand Back - Stevie Nicks (Hawk re-edit) by Jackmaster Hawk

Spank - JBH (Jackmaster Hawk bootleg dub) by Jackmaster Hawk

Tramp - Thomas & Redding (Hawk Edits reboot) 100 DL by Jackmaster Hawk

Hard to Handle - Otis Redding (Hawk Edits re-edit) by Jackmaster Hawk

Watcha See Is Watcha Get - The Dramatics (Jackmaster Hawk re-edit) by Jackmaster Hawk

Singing Funky Music Turns Me On - Jackie Moore (Hawk's little re-edit) by Jackmaster Hawk

Got The Funk - Positive Force (Hawk re-edit II) by Jackmaster Hawk